Hospitality Furniture Sales partners with Contract Installation Services and together we offer installations and repairs. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing casegoods and upholstery, we know furniture! We work directly with your team for scheduling your product flow during the install.

Turning floors, is what helps to keep both of us in the “Green”, as the less time your floor is off the market, the more revenue that can be generated.

How many install crews do you know that have worked in the furniture plants, understand how a piece of furniture is built from lumber yard to rub room, and understands that handling has huge impacts on keeping the furniture in great condition?

Repairs / Touch ups are occasionally needed and with us, we offer onsite service. We can also perform minor and major repairs on your property.

Would you like for your maintenance team to be able to perform light touch ups? We will train your team using quality repair materials from companies that supply the furniture manufacturers.